What's next for 100% Solution to Covid 19

One Day Time TableTake below mentioned things Vitamin C  Vitamin E 15-20 minute sunlight 7-8 hours sleep Warn Water to drink

PH level of of virus is between 5.5 to 8.5 so we must eat food which has more PH Level to kill the virus. Use following things of ayurvedic Lemon having 9.9 PH Lime Powder having 8.2 PH Garlic having 13.2 PH Oranges having 9.2 PH Pine Apple having 12.7 PH Mango having 8.7 PH

How you will recognize that you are Covid 19 patient or effected. Symptoms Itching in throats High Fever Breathing problem Dry Throat Loss of smell and taste.

Is you see any of the symptoms then take lemon with warm water and use ayurvedic treatment given above having PH values.




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