COVID-19 attacks not only our physical health, it attacks our most basic emotional needs:

In quarantine we loose our freedom, our social connections and the daily feeling of competence in achieving our daily goals.

What’s more: We have to deal with an ever growing noise of concern. Negative news coming from social media, the press and often even people around us.

We need to be well informed, but we also need to balance our stressed mood and focus on the positive. That’s true for our private and our corporate life.

The solution is in your hands … with SIMPLY HAPPY!

SIMPLY HAPPY takes pressure from HR by enabling leaders to motivate and stay connected to their team members.

A science-based training programme focussing on positive interactions and boosting your happiness. SIMPLY HAPPY lets you learn about the keys to happiness and a positive mindset, test the strength of your happiness and build a positive mindset. Enhance your happiness level through easy activities.

SIMPLY HAPPY will boost your individual and team’s happiness, and will help you being a positive leader in times of COVID-19 and beyond.

How?  As a leader it can be challenging to stay in touch with your team members.

In times of COVID-19 with people working in isolation, as a leader, you are playing an even more pivotal part for the wellbeing of your team members:

Social interactions at the office are missing in isolation. The quick laugh, the short question, the spontaneous look - all what makes us human seems to be gone for the moment.

SIMPLY HAPPY encourages you now with simple impulses and activities to stay in touch with your team members and boost their happiness.


What it does

SIMPLY HAPPY is making life easier for HR people who usually support and coach leaders on how to stay connected with their remote team members and how to keep up the team motivation.

SIMPLY HAPPY enables leaders to develop, share and ignite a Positive Mindset. Based on positive psychology, personal practice and business coachings it enables reflective insights and direct concrete actions for leaders. Thus creating a productive, healthy and happy work place.

With SIMPLY HAPPY, the positive mindset is now portable and trainable as a gamified mobile app: Three different workstreams - individual, leader and team - are including respective impulses, assessments and training sections with a bunch of different activities to choose from.

How we built it

  • The PDF mock-ups are created with KeyNote
  • The prototype is created with AndroidStudio
  • GotoMeeting is used for the video chats
  • Music:
  • Pictures:
  • with a lot of fun

Challenges we ran into

  • work remotely
  • using Keynote

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • having become an full multi-national interdisciplinary team
  • diverse background
  • working together
  • being simply happy

What we learned

  • Google docs
  • agile learning experience
  • simply nice and happy people
  • how to become a simply happy team

What's next for 15_SIMPLY_HAPPY

  • Check the market
  • Updating the screen design to comply with the guidelines
  • Turning the mock-up into a working Android and iOS app
  • Extend the initial work-flow and functionality
  • Financing of further development and running cost
  • Check legal issues
  • Set up a web site



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