The lack of awareness for mental health and very few resources to access the mental health care inspired to make an all in one solution for mental health care

What it does

Virtual Therapist VR is a VR app that helps patients suffering from a plethora of problems to overcome their issues at a fraction of the cost. The app has a range of functions the headlining feature being a therapist that is put in front of you in VR that talks to you. You can have a conversation with him, we take your voice and process it to text using the Azure engine and then reply according to our trained model which has various key phrases for detecting your mood and even suicidal thoughts and it replies accordingly. Other features in the app include a VR based meditation system that transports you to a remote location in VR where you can relax and meditate with soulful music playing in the background, another feature is the angry buddy, which is basically a virtual human in front of you, you can scream on, we detect your words and loudness and it responds according to them for example if the voice goes beyond certain decibels it falls, another feature is called speech trainer which helps with mental issues like stage fright where you get transported in front of an audience and we track your eye contact and speaking skills with them through processing your speech etc.

How I built it

Using Unity3D engine with googleVR SDK and Microsoft azure for speech recognition

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The ability of the app to work offline for some features really gives it an edge. The VR technology has been new will attract people to try mental health care hence creating a much-needed impact in the society for mental health care.

What I learned

Various methods and techniques for solving certain mental health issues while doing the research for the solution. Working with VR technology and speech to text processing.

What's next for Virtual Therapy

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android, ar, azure, unity, vr

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