Shaped over the past 15 years this is nothing short of a full redesign of how we work and live using technology and beyond it. We need to trace our movements without the potential for surveillance. We are witnessing the damage of trust in giving our data to organisations. We are searching for new ways to connect with each-other in this time. Make sense of the world. Our feeds are not helpful. Information is lost and our noisy world is anything but curated. We may have access to more but so much is not retrievable or quickly overwritten. We find ourselves locked into boxed in video feeds to feel human again. Events and physical spaces are desperate to recreate what they once had online but nothing quite holds up.

What it does

It enables the user to truly make their home on the internet. The fundamental concept that brings the most value to this is the trust network. Its formed by the connections you make with others in the network and the more trust you build up with others the more access you have to what they collect, work on and show. This applies in reduced form to others they're connected to. The more you explore the things you love the more of them you find.

How it would look and work

The interface is set up similar to that of a 2D game. But it would be set up using blocks. You can drop a link into the arena and it forms a block. these can be organised in your base area and forms your home on the internet where you can dynamically explore the information you've stored. There will be nested layers so you can store information you find like you would in a self organising library. Any block can link to another one so you can also store the personal connections you've made almost like a CRM tool. In this way it draws people into the network by the fact that there may already be information about them within it before they arrive.

The arena is a sandbox so others can form into groups based on their location in the space. They can customise it  with photos, gifs, videos, art, information ect. All through embedded links. You can host parties and festivals with others in a way thats far more natural than most online experiences. With video enabled as you approach someone they're feed becomes revealed to you. You can customise how your presented and combine gifs and other dynamic media to fully customise your representation.

Why would people join

One major element of this is forming projects together without upfront resources. By the fact that you can present all of the work you've done in the past with other inspiration and connections this allows others to get a full sense of who you are. Rather than a CV or bio they can explore the aspects of what moves you and are incentivised to build further trust so they can be given further access to learn more. By building up experiences that you have with other users it creates a reputation for you within the network. Giving your talents, advice, sharing information, helping others. These all build your reputation to allow for further customisation and access to the arena. This social capital is combined with a range of options to help incentivise collaborative flexible work. Equity, reputation and tokens can be exchanged based on the level of control your willing to give up to accomplish your ambitions. Combined these are fluid and allow far more open source work where everyone involved has the right amount of skin in the game.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is mostly conceptual though i've been working on this for the past 3 years. I'm most proud of the extensive understanding I've put into this and its fundamental design. I have researched the capability of every tech solution that would be added into this. I am working with a partner who where we've built a real community through physical festivals so she and everyone else is looking for new ways to enable online community.

How it is can change things

I've been exploring the advancements of blockchain technology in a relational way and looking at how these can be applied directly in stacks to create a new model of economic activity thats better suited to how we behave socially. Specifically digital identity, data ownership and verifiable reputation. This is also far better suited for the current world we are entering where our current economic system is in collapse. I believe this has the potential to showcase a better one.

What's next for 1World

The first step for this should be to show the visual basics of how this platform would allow you to interact with others. It would be utilising video feed APIs and embedding content in its most basic form to allow a playground for users to interact in. If it is enjoyable to use and customise then it will have proven its most basic intent.

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