Today I have a corporate job, I want a monthly income. I am thankful for that. But five years ago, I was an entrepreneur and in today’s crisis my situation would have been critical. I want to help. I feel the corporate world needs to help and there is not better way to help entrepreneurs than helping them meet potential prospects willing to listen to their pitch.

What it does

Brings back trust in the prospecting process addressing unsolicited sales calls.  Increase the efficiency of the sales cycle for entrepreneurs focusing on meeting prospects that have selected them.

How I built it

Google form

Challenges I ran into

Data privacy Make the positioning attractive to both  corporate prospects and entrepreneurs

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

20 registered users 50/50 entrepreneurs and corporate prospects since I posted the website 24h ago  Mentors have posted the solution on LinkedIn

What I learned

Keep it simple Prove there is demand before investing in developing Everything can be done from a smartphone Get feedback ongoing to adjust the idea

What's next for

Advertise on LinkedIn and facebook Identify people who could advertise the idea to communities of corporate mentors already helping out entrepreneurs

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