Shortage of medical equipment is creating a national crisis. Individuals and business owner can participate in different part of 3D Printing supply chain through 3D-Chain’s website and collaborate to answer critical demands form health care industry to workers in essential sectors. We have more than 4000 people (from Expert to hobbyist) signed up and show interest to help. Having a repository that connect 3D printer owners and health care provides based on their needs as a central place will speed up the process of health care supply chain.

What it does

3D-Chain will connect the capabilities of the 3D printing industry to specific needs of health care providers and workers in essential sectors through online repository. This site will record necessary information from both the 3D printing industry and health care providers, and connect them based on their needs, capacities and locations.  We also connect 3D Model Designers (For medical purpose, personal protective equipment, …) and 3D Printing service providers to explore methods to commercialize their design.

How we built it

We collect all information about 3D printers, materials and build connection between them. Individuals and business owner can select their materials and machines from our website and provide their capacities and locations to effectively and safely meet the needs of world’s health care workers on the front lines of the Corona virus crisis. Health care providers around the world can provides their current needs and based on their location and team up with 3D printing industry. Moreover, designers can provide designs based on the needs of healthcare industry for 3D printing industry to speed up the process of manufacturing.

Challenges we ran into

Collecting capacities of 3D Printing industry and well as needs of health care providers.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

3D Printing Technology database covers all 3D Printer categories (Desktop, Professional, Industrial, …). More than 1200+ printers are identified and categorized for different applications by: AM Process AM Technology Material Types Performance and …. 3D Printing Material database provides the most comprehensive materials database for 3D Printing. It covers all material categories (Polymer, Metal, Composite, …). You can find the best Material for your application by comparing 1900+ materials via: General Material Type Supplier Tensile Strength (MPa) and ….

What we learned

From the very beginning, we knew we didn’t want to simply create another database. Our goal was to provide a fresh take on 3D Printing information; a more open and comprehensive data infrastructure that empowered users to explore connections between a wide range of data within 3D Printing domain. We have created a database that offers the most comprehensive collection of linked data in a single platform, from 3D printing technology, 3D printing Material, researchers and 3D Printing service providers. Because 3D-Chain maps the entire 3D Printing life-cycle, you can follow production from design through post processing to production.  Many people show interest to help fighting the crisis by providing their equipment, skills and time to support health care providers. 3D-Chain supports them and make the collaboration easier to help the fight against Covid-19.

What's next for 3D-Chain

Collecting needs of healthcare providers and capacities of 3D printer manufactures and inviting designers to the website. Connect efficiently different group together based on their needs and location.  Drive collaboration within 3D printer industry to meet the needs of the healthcare providers and manufacturing materials.

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