Our friends and family who are working in medical care environments.

What has happened so far?

With we created a solid security network of volunteers for institutions in desperate need of support. The platform was built specifically to help medical and care institutions in Switzerland during COVID-19 to easily connect with volunteers by matching requests from institutions with volunteers. If an institution is in need of support they can start a request. The volunteer who is nearby and matches the needed profile receives the request. If he accepts the request, the institution receives the contact details from the volunteer and they can connect instantly. We were already able to match volunteers with institutions in need during this pandemic.

What it does

Now we want to bring the platform beyond the COVID-19 use case and help to react on crisis worldwide. Therefore we are working on a workflow to easily replicate our existing platform into a new customisable instance to be used globally by any local project that needs to coordinate help for an acute crisis (diseases, floods, earthquakes etc..).

The target group are institutions or organisations that coordinate local help in case of a crisis event. We offer a simple plug-and-play platform to connect with volunteers.

How we built it

With a lot of love and sleepless nights and coffee. Dev-Stack:

Tools we used to cooperate during HR Hackathon:

  • Miro
  • Zoom

Challenges we ran into

  • COVID-19 is a global phenomenon. There are a lot of local initiatives that all try to tackle the same problem. This is why we have decided a while ago to join what we made so far with another initiative and to concentrate on the next evolutionary step and think beyond COVID-19-
  • We have been working as a virtual team from start. Most of us have never seen each other in person.  This challenge has to be tackled with barbecue and beer once it is possible again :-D

Accomplishments that we're proud of

So far, we made it and accomplished a working platform with more than 1'300 volunteers all across Switzerland and successful. However now we are ready to join the original idea with another project and to take the initial idea to a next level to become more sustainable. We have used the HR Hackathon to define our new direction and to kick off development.

What we learned

  • Replication of the platform is a lot more tricky than we thought. We have not been able to finish this during the hack but will continue working on it.

What's next for #44 Catch A Hero

  • Complete the replication process of our platform.
  • Fine-tune the request process for creating a platform.
  • Redesign validation workflow from original platform
  • Verify use case with local experts worldwide via ImpactHub network.
  • Look out for partnerships and funding

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