As soon as COVID-19 has captivated the whole world, the way we live was rapidly changed. People started using all of the available resources and means of communication to fill the void and to avoid that lack of social interaction and communication that was normal before the virus. Clearly, everybody started using ZOOM, and moreover they wanted to make parties (ZOOM parties). ZOOM parties were the ones that inspired us into the development of this idea.

What it does

Our team decided to develop a gamified video chat. It basically enables people to play games together while talking and seeing each other. This is an app that can be easily downloaded and as easily played. The app will have several games to choose from so that everyone can find what he/she likes. Moreover, it is a peer-to-peer video chat, which is more secure and does not require powerful servers to run.

How we built it

By the end of the hackathon, our team is planning to finish an MVP- which is an online drinking game. Since people still want to have parties, but the can't do this, it is a perfect idea to actually give them this opportunity. And it'll be a lot of fun! This MVP will again have several games to choose with but trust us, that will be awesome!  Our team knows how to build and design games, so that is the way we want to accomplish our idea.

Challenges we ran into

Houseparty,, and some others are not focused on entertainment experience while having a call. Also, as for our MVP - there are quite a lot of drinking apps, however, there were not any drinking games designed for playing them _ virtually _,  which means they are all designed for home parties with friends. However, with our app, friends do not have to be close to each other, they just need to be online, and that's all! All the tasks within a game are specifically designed for people that for some reason cannot get together, but they can connect via phones.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

You can find it using our link provided below.

What we learned

We understand that a gamified video chat, as well as an online drinking game, will be also popular after quarantine since we live in a very fast-moving world with everybody not having time for all they want. We also understand that people want interaction, and this is the way not to let them go crazy.

What's next for - Gamified Video Chat

When we build our MVP, we're planning to develop a gamified video chat, as was said above. After these steps, we're planning to constantly improve it, look at what people are more into, which games they prefer, maybe add some more or improve the previous, already built-in games.

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