I was inspired by the people around me to create a platform where people would have the ability to learn or teach something productive with their time.

What it does

It is a platform where an individual is able to either find a 60-minute video to help them learn a certain skill or they are able to create a video themselves teaching a certain skill. Individuals are able to post these videos on the website and share on social media that they have completed the #60MinuteChallenge, encouraging others to do so as well. This would spread positivity in our world and promote productivity at a time like this.

How I built it

I have created a mockup of what the website should look like using

Challenges I ran into

I had trouble figuring out all the details and different aspects I wanted to add to the platform.

What I learned

I learned to keep building on the idea until I could solidify it and create a mockup of what I had in mind.

What's next for #60MinuteChallenge

I hope to create an actual platform and website where people can come to learn a new skill or teach a new skill in 60 minutes.



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