How can we keep learning at home during difficult situations? How can we maintain the relationship with the teacher? How can we make the whole thing appealing, self-motivating, and fun? Learning should be a pleasure; not a chore.

What it does

It presents educational contents inside stories that put the knowledge into real-life contexts. Example : make your own soap, learn about germs and why it is important to wash hands. The experience is like an aventure game where the student explores an apartment home. It should be a fully-fledged tool for the teachers to keep track of their students' progress.

How we built it

A simple single-page app as a demonstrator using Vue.js. A set of printable documents to present the concept (in French).

Challenges we ran into

Framing the idea quite quickly due to time limit. Working over multiple timezones in a fully remote fashion Making the project take shape (a game) out of the needs of teachers. These are two worlds that sometimes don't mix.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A set of educational challenges that make good examples of what is possible to do with this concept

What we learned

How to work with software people ( for non-engineers ) How to have a multidisciplinary approach to the problem How to complete something fully remote and use the right tools to communicate.

What's next for The World of Youth

Having a platform where knowledge can be exchanged all over the world. Possibility to create new adventures and educational content. Lessons and missions will be plannable over a weekly schedule, for instance.

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