Currently the market for Food and health services is valued at 707.12 billion and is projected to rise to 811.82 Billion by 2021. We believe there is a huge opportunity in this space as capturing even a small portion of the market share can lead to huge returns.

What it does

It’s not easy eating healthy. Our team set out to develop a tool to help people make better choices about their diet. We developed a website that lets a user keep track of their kitchen inventory while providing suggestions on possible recipes to make. Users can choose from a range of meals to make based on preferences selected when registering an account. Given the current COVID-19 outbreak, making the most efficient use of food items is more important than ever. Our website can also provide a user with a set of recipes over a period to maximize the longevity of their inventory.

How We built it

-Used Twilio API to set up an Login and have a two factor authentication set up.  1.Password 2.SMS Text message with a code you need to enter to register -Also tracks users and does not let duplicate entries to avoid overloading problems -Made a website written In HTML, styling done in CSS, scripting in JavaScript -Data is stored in JSON format objects -Static website hosting done on AWS S3 with web hosting option to get an endpoint URL:  -Website customization includes layout options, search options, and JSON editing for static hosting - backend database compatible for actual usage though

Challenges I ran into

Setting up the website to

What's next for Aapricots

Some future ventures we plan to do include:

  1. Integration with Instacart, Amazon foods, Walmart delivery.
  2. A Mobile app
  3. Integration with Smart fridges (inventory management)

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