Covid-19 is highlighting the need for rapid and experimental innovation inside government but we all know that this is hard (thats an understatement) to achieve outside of a crisis environment. We need a tool to show why innovation as part of BAU is vital and how it could/should be implemented in order to create the best possible outcomes for citizens.

Public Sector Innovation is acknowledged as being vital to drive better outcomes for citizens and at a time like this.  However, ‘you cannot manage what you are not measuring,’ and in New Zealand, we do not  provide the public sector with measurement data, trends, benchmarks or examples to show  how to lift its innovative ability

A few countries have begun to measure public sector innovation with the purpose of innovation education and promotion. Our aim is distinct as the goal is to provide senior leaders with recommendations for how to improve their innovative ability; clear steps for what to do next.

We envision an Innovation measurement tool, providing senior leaders with interactive data highlighting their agency’s strengths and areas for improvement, as well as recommendations to lift its innovative ability, with progress being tracked over time.

We’ve learnt that innovation in the public sector is distinct from that of the private sector, as it is not about the bottom-line, rather a way to improve fast-paced decision-making currently needed in government, decisions that will ultimately deliver better outcomes for citizens whilst increasing staff satisfaction and promoting trust, transparency, and citizen engagement.

We will use the Global Hack to test the concept with leaders across the globe and to build a working prototype to validate the need.




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