Advance directive campaign


Do you know what an advance directive is?
You probably do, because 80% of the participants of our survey did too.
But then only 20% have one!

That's a huge problem during a pandemic situation - like the one we have right now.

In such situations, ICU and lung ventilators are scarce.
And patients without an advance directive might occupy valueable ICU space, even if they don't intend to.


So how can we get you and especially the risk groups to get an advance directive?

Well, by talking about it! Just as we do now in this video.

To solve this problem in the short term, we propose a campaign to increase the onboarding for advance directives with the help of family members and doctors.

We validated this approach through a customer survey and are sure that it works.

So thanks for listening
... and don't forget to talk about this with your family.
... and join us tomorrow by setting up your own advance directive.

Try It out




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