Right now with the COVID-19 spreading to every corner of the world possible, no one is really thinking about the future, most people want the corona virus to just end so quarantine can end and they can go back to their normal lives. Everyone is stuck at home right now (most people against their will but for their safety).

However, while most of the world is combating the corona virus in the present, we went a step further and made a app for all the people that are itching to get out of their sofa for the future! On our app the user can see places recommended near them whether its activities, food, or anything related and be able to swipe right or left on it to like/dislike it. Our custom algorithm has given every choice a weight based on two things, proximity and the users likes and using that information will recommend things based on what the user prefers. It also starts to disregard certain things the more the user swipes left (just like tinder!) to a point where things the user doesn't like will not show up on their board. This way right when we are allowed to leave quarantine we can know what places we want to explore and be able to do them knowing what is the closest or furthest away from you. We used react native to build this app so it can be used in IOS and Android. Due to technical issues we made the app into a full functioning API that can be called at any given point from anywhere.

Writing the initial algorithm to calculate all the weights and being able to implement that into the front end where we have the "tinder like features" such as the swipe gestures was a very big challenge for us. Accomplishments we are proud of is being able to write a working and full functioning back-end/ with a algorithm that we ourselves came up with. We learned a great deal such as a lot of front end technology as well has how to query, call API's and much more and in the future we wish to expand our app with other categories such as shopping malls, local stores, and many more places so a user can have a wide variety of activities to choose around there area!

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ai-platform,, google, google-cloud, google-cloud-functions, google-pub/hub, mapbox-api, mongodb, reactnative, twilio, yelp

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