After spending more than 3 hours and 20 minutes to get my healthcare support and services - I left the hospital with more than 55 patients waiting to get a doctors consultation, diagnosis and prescribed medicine. For the case of old people and children, its even sad that they will wait for hours to see the doctor and other hours to get their prescribed medication.  When patients congest in hospitals and clinics - it is possible to spread pandemic diseases such as Corona Covid 19 and Hepatitis viruses because patients will coughing, sneezing and yawning while at the same time sharing toilets.

This problem is affecting over 15 million patients in Tanzania and 210 million patients in Africa who visit healthcare service providers every year.  The healthcare system in Tanzania and Africa as a whole is still slacking behind to catch up with the advancement of technology and innovation in healthcare.

And this is where Afya Bora comes into play, Afya Bora is an online medical appointment platform that enables patients to find and book doctors, clinics, hospitals and pharmaceutical stores in order to get an easy and effective healthcare services instantly while being able to order their medication to be delivered to them from the nearest pharmacy. This platform helps doctors, pharmacy and hospitals to directly connect with patients to give them healthcare services as well as to be able to manage their patients bookings and data effectively.

With team, we hope to design and develop an online healthcare marketplace that will be accessible all over the world. Although the challenges facing Afya Bora is lack of resources including business development skills, leadership skills, human labour, capital and regulations. Another challenge that we are facing is lack of awareness to both healthcare practitioners and patients on the effective utilization of digital healthcare support.


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