Inspiration - we are inspired by audio content(magic) and games.

## What it does - it entertains and educates people with high quality content

## How I built it - we’ve made a prototype, on the basis of which we developed a cross-platform application. Two games were made in Russian, now we’re working on adaptation in English.

## Problems that we encountered - how to attract authors and creators.

## Achievements I'm proud of - we’ve made a game from zero to “something” that is working and attracting new gamers.

## What we learned - that our team is focused on the results and we’re doing our best being fully involved in process.

## What's next for Agagames - narrative audio quests with nonlinear plots. Our next steps are new types of games with audio blind actions where you can dive eternally into the atmosphere. We also want to provide a support for visually impaired users. And we’re looking forward to create the educational content for children and students.

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apache, java, javascript, mobile, vue.js, webview

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