The whole world has come to a standstill to fight the major pandemic that has had such a massive effect globally. Being a technologist, we would like to solve this problem faced by the world during pandemic outbreak. Testing people in the early phase of outbreak is one of the solution to stop pandemic. To test more people we need to filter people with high chances of infection rather than blindly testing everyone. Our idea aims to solve this issue of effective testing of COVID-19 affected people, to help ease the government and provide effective use of testing kits.

What it does

A preliminary analysis of covid-19 is created based on :

  1. AI based dry cough recognition
  2. Body temperature using wearable or user input
  3. User risk group(age,travel history,health conditions,first contact with infected patients).

A score is generated which presents probability of COVID-19 infection for the application users.

What's next for COVID-19 Preliminary diagnostic mobile application

  1. In search for an advanced Android mobile application and Full stack developer
  2. Maintain a private website, that keeps a record of the probability of affected patients. This can be broken down to specific regions, locality, etc.
  3. Collaborate with government agencies and provide them with this data so that they can organize testing affected patients and help them fight this issue effectively.

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android, cloud, dataset, deeplearning, eclipse, python, tensorflow

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