Some children are practising the Piano, but it is hard to know where the error is for them or their parents, but it's a simple question for machine.

What it does

Record audio or video when playing piano. Then use AI to analysis the audio, find out the play error, finaly show the errors to users to help them improve their piano level.

How I built it

Use tensorflow, sanic and wechat miniprogram.

Challenges I ran into

  • how to find the error using AI
  • how to show the error to users ## Accomplishments that I'm proud of A beta version has been completed, many users say it is useful for them. ## What I learned how to use tensorflow, wechat miniprogram and so on. ## What's next for 爱弹奏 Add community functions to enable users communicate about how to improve piano  level.

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javascript, python, wechat, wxml, wxss

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