I was inspired to make AirPuP while responding to a call for help on the Facebook COVID Center. An elderly disabled member of my community did not have enough food to feed her service dog. Many animals end up in shelters during times of financial crisis and she was afraid that would happen to her service animal because she could not afford to feed him. She is right to be worried about placing him with a shelter. The shelters often can’t handle the load and even with flexing to local rescue groups they still end up euthanized or separated from their owner. With AirPuP anyone with a yard, spare bathroom, or any other safe space, can support their community members.

I built the app using an app generator that gives you an APK file. I didn’t do any hard coding. I learned that different cellphones use different formats for their OS i.e. I need to convert the APK file in order for it to work on an iOS.Some of the challenges I faced were protecting the animals themselves. I went back and rewrote the AirPuP Provider form to ensure accountability in regards to care of the animals.

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