30 years ago, as our country, Georgia, became independent it faces on of the biggest financial crises in the history of Europe. It caused: vast majority of population starve, lack of elementary product (we can literally remember queues at 6 A.M. just to manage to buy a bread), huge rise of criminal and even civil war!

Today almost 3 billion people around the world are locked in their homes, most of them are facing or has been unemployed because of the financial crises that corona brings to the world. Developing countries such as ours (Georgia) are already in critical financial situation and as the Corona lasts, the crises progresses and it moves to top countries. As we already have experienced the power or total financial crises, even though we all hope it wont happen again, we understand the need of slowing down or stopping the financial effect of Corona virus.

On the other hand, this amount of people having free time, is intellectual resource that world has never managed to gather. Digital technologies give us ability to manage this resource and solve problems that remained unresolved. One of the technological fields that faces unresolved problems because of lack of human resource is AI. Most of these problems are pretty easy for human but its practically impossible for computers. For these kind of problems AI need huge amount of data being analysed by a human and, as I already mentioned, it was impossible in the past to gather these much human resource.

Solving these two problems is the inspiration of our project.

AITICS is the first mobile platform, that gives everyone with smartphone ability to earn money by labeling data for AI. The user will be able to choose the task he/she finds the most interesting and solve as many as he/she wants. On the list, the user will be able to find tasks that does not require any special skill and those that need him/her to use special knowledge, the user mentioned to have when registering. The platform analyses the quality of his/her answers and the user gets money that depends on amount of data he/she labeled and the quality of them.

The alternatives that AI companies currently use, are computer platforms  which are very limited in distributing content across regions. Also labeling data on the computer is found boring for the users and it also limits labeling techniques. AITICS as a mobile platform, opens whole new abilities for users and companies. As the platform will have support of  sensors, working will become more comfortable and labeling possibilities will expand. Being a mobile platform enables us to use gamification elements to make the process more enjoyable.



figma, javascript, laravel, php, react-native

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