The whole world, is fighting against the spread of COVID-19 virus on a daily basis. Apart from health problems, Coronavirus aggravated the economic and social problems. Both the public and private sectors are actively involved in various processes but out there are still people who are suffering for basic needs.  Therefore, friends, we decided to create a platform that will unite courageous, motivated people to overcome the challenges.

The problem/need we are tackling:

  1. Lots of volunteers want to support, but (besides their limited individual resources) have challenges in identify and pulling together additional resources from business community
  2. Various businesses are willing to support but don’t know when/where/how as most of them are not well enough connected to the vulnerability support ecosystem
  3. People in most need are not tech savvy and have difficulties to navigate through the various support opportunities

Our Mission: Improve responsiveness and efficiency in delivery of support to people in need

We hold the values of mutual help, solidarity and humanism in high esteem.

What it does

AllForAll Albania is a support matchmaking platform:

  1. helping volunteers and professionals to quickly connect and identify people in most urgent need, and to quickly connect with business community in order to pull together the resources needed to support the target persons,
  2. helping businesses and other economic actors to quickly respond and ensure increased efficiency of their kind support
  3. helping people in need to quickly make visible their most urgent needs to the local actors that are willing to quickly intervene and support;

The entry point in this project are the volunteers. Volunteers tend to be young adults willing to invest a part of their time to help others. The volunteers identify and verify people in need or those that are registered in our platform in the Need Help page. Then based on the help that is required, we try to connect with different businesses and individuals that can provide the products or the service that is needed.  To be identified as a community in the wide public we created a brand including logo and hashtags to raise awareness in targeted groups.

Target Groups

  1. Young adults of all professions as volunteers
  2. People in need
  3. Businesses

How I built it

We created a platform where people can join as volunteers, businesses or seek help. The web is organized in 7 pages:

  1. Home
  2. Need help
  3. Volunteer
  4. Partners
  5. Map with pins and info for the needs
  6. More info 6.1.   About the project 6.2.   Being Safe 6.3.   Video Instructions from doctors/nurses 6.4.   News/Blog
  7. Donate

Home page has different sections and calls to actions to register or to donate, dynamics of the project, and a section with latest news and a graphical map of dangerous places with numbers of infected people. This map will be temporary.

Help page has a form to seek help and a disclaimer that the seeker will be subject to verification.

Volunteer page has a form to become part of the community and a call to action to join on social platforms if not already joined. On top of the page is a call to action which takes the volunteer directly to the map of needs page. After help is given a volunteer can document and share it by uploading his volunteer id, pictures and description of the help given.

Partners page has a list of partner businesses with us and a short form to apply as a partner.

More Info has 4 subcategories: ● About the project description and the team members, so we build trust and connections. ● Being a safe page has simple security tips for people staying home. ● Video Instructions from doctors/nurses for the volunteers. ● News/Blog page for latest news and seo.

Website is under construction. Check the links below. Website -

We give high importance to online marketing because it is the main medium of contact and it helps us by gaining a considerable number of volunteers in such a short time. For online marketing strategy we used social media platforms like: ● Instagram, targeting mostly volunteers -  ● Facebook, targeting mostly people in need  -● LinkedIn, targeting possible partner businesses    - reach out to possible businesses via email and phone to make as many connections as possible. Being professional in emails and offering a marketing possibility to each business in our platform and by delivering their branded products/services.


Our goal is not to deliver help only but also to offer free services from our community professional members. We will approach other organizations and groups of communities as collaborators. All for all is people for people. We are all together in this.

Revenue Model

We are looking for investments from partner businesses and we will try to promote fundraising to cover the costs and to help as many people as possible. Businesses will have marketing benefits. Volunteers will gain contacts and experience.

Challenges I ran into

We build this website in 48 hours as part of Hackthecrisis hackathon in Albania. It was real quick and more work has to be done to complete all the features.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are happy with what we have accomplished this far and that we are building something to help people.

What's next for All for All

Our next steps are to improve our online platform and continue with our successful marketing strategy (online and offline) to grow the community of volunteers. We intend to add a free call number to make us easier to reach and more accessible by different categories of people. We plan to turn this community to a legal non-profit organization. In addition to the main reason why the platform was born, which is never going to be left behind, we think that in order to keep the platform afloat, we will add other services as described in future work section below.

The near future will be tough. We plan to extend our current platform by supporting small businesses. 90% of all businesses in Albania fall to the category of small and medium businesses. They will need at least 6 months to go back to the position they were before the crisis. To help them we will connect and facilitate mediation between small businesses and big enterprises to guarantee sales and supplies for small businesses. For this we will enhance and add 2 more pages on our website also.

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