Translate positive effects of adapting to the crisis to establish a new, sustainable lifestyle

What it does

Our solution aggregates online & geolocalized services, which offer us the opportunity to act locally and eventually reduce our footprint. In other words, we promote the way we adapted to the crisis and make sure that the developed solutions are translated into a long-term, sustainable lifestyle that will help counteract climate change.

How I built it

Currently there is a data collection in a spreadsheet and a structure with topics and application fields has been devised on a mindmap. Mock-ups show possible looks and functions of the solution. The solution will be a cross-platform web app, with a mix of own database, weblinks and API integration for webshops.

Challenges I ran into

  • Consolidate everyone’s opinion and get a clear picture of the product we want to develop to address the challenge
  • Communication tools.
  • Some of the ideas that involve handling sensitive personal data need more consideration due to data security regulations.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Team building: build-up the team in a short period of time before the hackathon and integrate new team members during the hackathon
  • Finding synergies between different ideas and culture backgrounds
  • Agile task distribution
  • Product description with wide features
  • Production of mockups enabling an easy visualization of the customer journey
  • The team members have identified themselves with the idea and want to contribute to bring it further, engaging their networks.
  • A lot of data has been collected already, awaiting to be sorted, categorized and tagged.

What I learned

During those 48h, we realized how important a functional local economy actually is.
And we have learned to work as a team, being ALL @ HOME… ;-)

What's next for ALL @ HOME - the right way to go is local

  1. Build-up our partners ecosystem (technology suppliers, local communities, etc)
  2. Get some funding for the further development of the project
  3. Validate the MVP web app on the Market, starting in a local community, before expanding it.

Anne-Claire Pliska will make a pitch at SECO / World bank webinar on April 16th.

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