Hey, it's Alexander from Minsk, Belarus. I'm building a mobile app called Alms, where anybody can make and show their social impact. We already have built a prototype in Figma and validated initial user demand by customer development, various surveys, running ads and measuring conversions (CPI of $0.5 and App Store conversion of 30%).

Why Alms?

There are no easy and effective tools to feel meaningful, make a social impact and help others. Moreover, the world is getting unhappier, and it is mainly influenced by tech. Old ways of offsetting anxiety do not work anymore.

Those things are becoming extremely important in the times of the Covid-19 and quarantine. The economy is in decline (especially US/EU, influencing other countries), and there are many new changes to the behaviour:

● The sense of communality and support of each other will only increase with current conditions: it is seen both with our tests and on social media  ● People are bored while on quarantine, actively trying new stuff out  ● People want to support small and medium businesses they love  ● People want to contribute to the fight with coronavirus and other major things, once there is enough media attention — and they need tools

We're the app where anyone can easily and effectively influence these causes and feel better from their impact.

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