Stories of low-income and under-privileged people struggling to get supplies after they lost jobs and running out of cash

What it does

We have built a platform that will allow people with supplies to post them & people who are in need of supplies to look up (by zip code) and request for that supply

How we built it

We use Google Login to authenticate the user (to avoid spammers). Once logged in, select between "Need Supplies" (or) "Donate".

Challenges we ran into

Getting seed data to enter into the system was a problem.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The fact that we solved a real problem with a neat and simple UX

What we learned

It will be a treat if we can see how people are consuming the product

What's next for Alvida Covid

Ship this as a non-profit product if there is interest in the judging panel



android, angular.js, ios, python

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