Many students, feel lonely and sad, as their schools are closed and they couldn't meet her friends.

What it does

AmberFit is a virtual health assistant for young people to help maintain healthy habits and stay fit during the crisis.

How I built it

AmberFit is chatbot. At the moment it works via Facebook messenger and Telegram. Other channels in plans.

Challenges I ran into

How to build a flow, retention, how to create engaging content.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Have 100+ B2C users, We have the first pilot project (school) with a group of 25 students.

What I learned

Less is more, focus, validate your assumptions.

What's next for AmberFit

New B2B pilot projects, add 1 - 1 coaching via AmberFit platform, work with industry experts

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django, facebook-graph, facebook-messenger, nix, postgresql, telegram

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