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With the recent COVID 19 virus, as of 28 March 2020 over 1.7 billion students (>90% of learners,–20_coronavirus_pandemic_on_education) currently do not have an easy, reliable infrastructure to transition fully online - many of them will have to repeat a grade. Many platforms like Google Classrooms and Khanacademy are optimally built to supplement in-person learning for existing schools, not serve as an alternative, and can be costly/difficult to operate. envisions a reality where the experience of going to school online will be almost indistinguishable, if not better, than going in-person. It will revolutionize how we educate people onto the 21st/22nd century and serve as a global model for schools transitioning online.

What it does

The app provides existing and upcoming teachers/students the platform necessary to create or continue their education under an online school. Teachers can offer courses and invite existing/prospective students to their virtual classroom or host faculty meetings, while students can join existing or interesting classrooms. It will also provide resources for teachers to recruit and engage students with particular interests, and for students to look up requirements and classes they would like to take or create under school-sanctioned clubs/events.

The app aims to be the all-in-one platform, adopting the best features from existing tools like Google Classroom for teachers/students to do live group chats, assignments, and testing ; as well as other resources for additional supplements (eg Khanacademy, Udemy, Coursera).

Under the online school, teachers and students could adhere to a much shorter, more efficient standard academic schedule (10-2 vs 8-3) with a focus on letting students choose what they want to learn under the guidance of their teachers. Anyone can also visit other "Rooms" and have virtual field trips, join student/teacher lounges, and more!

How I built it

Acquired and domain names from Google Domains, registered American Teachers as our project via Dev-post, formed a 52 member-strong team, utilized Google Hangouts to host meetings, wrote a project workflow template using Lucidchart, assigned tasks to team members (eg HTML code to design the Dashboard Page) using Trello, stored the code on Github hosted the website through Google Clouds, and having one-on-one conversations to further develop our project via Slack.

Challenges I ran into

Communication (especially among members living across 10 different time zones), Accountability, Implementation and Integration (eg UX/UI, front-end with back-end, marketing).

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Developing the backbone of our online school, creating our team's videos, and having a Dashboard page.

What I learned

It is difficult to articulate technical specifications and communicate between team members online. This opportunity also shows that a platform like this is what billions of people need now more than ever.

What's next for American Teachers Development Project

Further developing and refining the app/online school, compatibility with mobile devices, recruiting full-time licensed teachers, students and faculty who like to work from home for our online school, marketing through word-of-mouth, more testing and implementing new, better features (eg virtual break rooms, nurse, etc.), and launching on May 1st.

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