As the Coronavirus has taken the world by stormed. It has become everybody's responsibility to fight together against this problem. This is a need of hour to contribute with whatever they have against this virus. Thus as an IT developer, I thought that I can contribute this way.

What it does

As the Coronavirus is spreading rapidly, The WHO has directed only one Solution to stop coronavirus i.e TRACE, TREAT, TEST. But it  has become difficult to trace the person that came in contact with Coronavirus infected person. Moreover, it is difficult to find Information of Contacted Person (Person who came in contact of infected person). This problem can be solved by android application that uses Bluetooth technology to scan nearby device (nearby person’s Unique ID).  This information gets stored inside a .txt file. Thus, getting the information of nearby person.

How I built it

I wanted to make an android application. Thus I had to use Android-Studio. The next thing was to use Bluetooth functionality of Mobile Phone.

Challenges I ran into

The only language I knew was Java. I had never worked on Android Studio before. So the first challenge for me was to learn about the basic functionality of Android Studio. The next challenge was to perform basic bluetooth functionality. After overcoming the previous problem, the application was not working in background. After using Bluetooth service i was able to overcome the problem. The next thing was to store the scanned information inside a .txt file that required using basic File operation.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Thinking an idea and implementing it within 2 days. That too on such technology that I had never worked before.

What I learned

The basic functionality of Android Studio. How the application developed.

What's next for An application to trace community coronavirus transmission

This application can be really helpful to trace community coronavirus transmission. For getting the better result. This application efficiency depends on the number of users. More the number of users, more accurate result we will get. As the application deals with sensitive data, it is responsiblity of enforcer to deal with this information properly.



android-studio, bluetooth, java

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