There are so many confirmed cases according to WHO. Italy is a member state of European Union andvery popular for tourism. The first case was confirmed on 30th of january when two infected Chinese tourists were found. Italy is the most infected country in Europe and second most affected place after China. Many italian visitors were confirmed that they are infected with Coronavirus after visiting different foreign countries. Many Countries from Asia, America, Europe found their local cases from Italy. In the very beginning only the northern area of italy was affected after a very short time it had spread to whole Italy

What it does

I've done the complete analysis of the Corona Virus in Italy using the data from some of the world's best sources and predictions on the deaths, age, gender, location and its impact across the country.

How I built it

Data Science

Challenges I ran into

Creating Visuals and Diagrams

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Predictions and Analysis in such a short time!

What's next for Analysis and Prediction on Coronavirus (Italy)

We'll predict the impact in different regions and how to decrease the cases by sharing important info.

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