The average vaccine discovery time takes 14 months, about 0.5 billion dollar investment, and over 2000 researchers. In the meantime, there are millions of people waiting for a vaccine without knowing how to help.

What it does

We created a puzzle-game to teach our AI to predict the vaccine formula (epitope sequence) for COVID-19.

Our gamified research tool employs players as crowdworkers to teach an AI to find similarities from previous vaccine formulas and use this pattern to predict new vaccine candidates.

How we built it

We are combining AI and gamification to predict which protein sequences from the new coronavirus are the best candidates for a COVID-19 vaccine. We gathered data from the virus of the SARS 2003 outbreak (also a coronavirus) and turned it into a puzzle game. By playing the game, users are describing new features of experimentally validated vaccine candidates. This information is used in an AI to predict new vaccine candidates. Our model is based on state-of-the-art vaccine prediction models. A brief overview of the relevant scientific literature can be found here: The Science Behind AnalysisMode

Accomplishments that we're proud of

During the GlobalHack

  • Launched a new version of the game!
  • Game design Created a storyline and new features
  • Game art Created new characters and new UI
  • Front-end Redid the front-end which is now more scalable and mobile-ready
  • Back-end Implemented a new game design and a new game engine
  • Marketing Created marketing strategy and content

After 3 April 2020

  • Game design Created alternative rules for the game making it harder for a computer and easier for humans
  • ML Created a visualization of the gameplay dataset in order to make decisions about game-AI integration
  • Frontend Implemented a new puzzle design. (not launched yet :( )
  • App Development Create an app version using React-native (not launched yet)
  • Marketing Created marketing campaigns on Facebook/others
  • Business Refined our business strategy and contact new partners
  • Business Refined our business model
  • Content Wrote two press releases and a brief scientific overview of our solution
  • Content We created a list of FAQ


  • Released a new landing page interface experience, reducing the visitor bounce rate from 73% to 30%. Therefore reducing our marketing costs by -120%.
  • Newly published article, on Luxembourg’s business magazine.
  • A scheduled interview with Luxembourg Journal (
  • Contacted by a journalist from “O Estadao”, a major press in Brazil, with weekly 33M unique visitors.
  • Initiated discussion with Pratica Capital venture capital and two angel investors in Luxembourg.
  • Increased daily unique visitors by 325% from 90 to 383.
  • Marketing campaign reduced Cost per User Acquisition to 0.01$ (landing page view), the campaign had 29 shares ($0.13/share).
  • 81.75% of the users are now visiting the site by phone, as an effect of the UI improvement allowing the puzzle-game to played on smaller screens.
  • Found +15 new supporters for the project - the names will be announced soon on the website.

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