Every state in India serves the COVID-19 patients through Govt. hospitals. The frontline doctors, nurses, health/medical staffs have shortage of actual PPEs. Being they are our SuperHeroes to protect and save the humanity, the availability of PPEs should be made possible. For eg. a person in Kerala came up with a PPE suite 'CoronaSafe' for their local Government's need. But there are more demand and requirements in many rural hospitals in India. Based on better support from all possible authorities we could ship to other countries who are badly affected by COVID-19 and in need of proper special PPEs. Therefore, since 1 week we started to think how we could improve protection for PPEs as the doctors and nurses are getting affected by COVID-19.

What it does

PPE with coolant and protective bio-coating: It is PPE for front-line workers during the COVID-19 situation meeting all the standard and requirements from WHO and FDA. Additionally, we are incorporating PCM as a coolant to regulate the temperature once a person wears the PPE (3 layered). To facilitate reusability we embedding chemical derived bio-polymer coating with virucide to better protect and help with disinfecting process using Ozone. This enable the reusing of the PPEs to overcome the worldwide shortage.

How we built it

PPEs are made of 3 layers of different materials like polypethylene, meltblown, laminated microporous film, bio-polymer coating synthesised with virucide.

Challenges we ran into

Raw material availability, due to lockdown in India material movement is challenging to get all the raw materials. Once we get approvals from Govt. authorities material movement permit could be achieved.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Contacted all possible suppliers, they are ready to provide raw materials by the week of April 13th and experts in the synthesis of bio-polymer coating with virucide have agreed to work on the protective coating part. Garment factories agreed to work on the stitching and making of PPEs on different sizes.

What we learned

How to coordinate and tackle the lockdown situation working from home. Using different platforms to engage and get the requirements what we require. Got chance to network with experts who could support us for the completion of the product.

What's next for AR-SNUG

Getting fund support to procure raw materials, support the chemists who could synthesize more bio-polymer coating with virucide. And once the verification and approvals by WHO representatives, local Medical authorities, National Health authorities and other Govt. bodies we could scale-up for more number of PPEs on fast-track mode.

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