Art is fundamental in the daily life. Yet it became kind of luxury being sold at art fairs and galleries. It is not widely accessible as it could be. While millions of people do want to have an art piece at their home, they do not go to the galleries. They also do not want to risk buying expensive painting that might not fit their home. Artists on the other hand struggle with getting presented by galleries, so they have to promote their art with Instagram and other socials.

Target group:

  • normal people who want to buy art for their home
  • artist before they become Da Vinci who easily want to sell their art

What it does

Platform bring together artists and buyers. So artists can sell the art directly to people. People can "see" with the help of AR/VR how the art piece will fit their room.

How we built it

We build full user flow mobile prototype for:

  • artists to register easily on app and sell the art
  • user to navigate the art, project it on the wall and buy it. We also built AR prototype and the real piece of the mobile app using ARKit and RealityKit from Apple for showing paintings on the wall. We integrated Instagram API to ease artists onboarding, so they import their work form Instagram. We contacted two real artists. So all artworks in prototype are real.

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for art@home


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