Q - Inspiration

We won the Infosys Challenge for Financial Inclusion at the UNICEF FinTech Jam for Good

Q -What it does?

We help artists earn more money from their art work in a way that supports refugee communities.  In terms of the impact of the current shock -  the category / segment of artist we support suffer disportionately because of the lockdown.  They exhibit and sell their work offline by engaging the public at events.  This is currently not possible. When the lockdown is over they will find the market place has changed and their lack of digital skills will be an additional disadvantage they have to deal with.  For example, art lovers are getting used to virtual tours and engaging with artworks virtually.  This behavioral change will hurt the artist engagement and sales even more.

Q How I built it?  We used open innovation

Q Challenges I ran into?

Finding the best tech - till we found holochain! This is a decentralised middleware custom designed for p2p engagement and allows for the individuals to own their own data.

Q Accomplishments that I'm proud of -

We now support two refugee communities with jobs and wealth generation and 3 creatives in London.   We have also worked with 25 volunteers helping them upskill and reskill themselves for the ever changing jobs market.

Q What I learned -

Always always always follow the data!

Q What's next for arts4refugees?

Building our brand and configuring the tech needed to scale our impact.

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