Hospitals need supplies that makers can make, but as maker-powered solutions become more complex, an assembly line is needed

What it does

Enable a team of local administrators to orchestrate local makers into an independent, verified and qualified disaggregated manufacturing floor.

How We built it

We used OpenFaaS, Python, Mongo, and Ionic to start building a scalable backend and responsive frontend. We did not end up with a final product, but we do believe our idea is a valuable complement to the research being done into creating devices with few resources: without a means to direct local production, resources will be wasted, non-standard, and run the risk of being unused.

Challenges We ran into

Our system was too complex for 3 developers to build while doing school. Because of this, though our project base was very well defined, our end product is not ship-able.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

Coming up with an idea we believe will empower local admin teams to help fight COVID-19, by orchestrating local developers into a disaggregated assembly line

What's next for Assembly Lines as a Service

Build a better version. We can use a COTS system to manage BOMs, volunteers, administrators, and placing orders through the system, and build our own user interfaces and custom services to handle the dissaggregation



ionic, mongodb, openfaas, python

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