The first inspiration was actually a press release from Amazon in 2012 stating that it will develop same day delivery by building warehouses outside of large cities. The press release sparked the idea of considering the city with its local businesses as a big decentralized warehouse. There were only two bits missing: a local online marketplace and a local delivery service from stores to the customers. That is local commerce by atalanda.

In the time of Covid-19 the full power of local commerce is released as it enables a maximum of social distancing while shopping locally online.

What it does

atalanda is the first fully featured local commerce platform with more than 200 features & functions focussing on building a online to offline relationship between customers and local businesses. Key features are

  • city scoped local marketplace with multi-vendor baskets but one payment checkout
  • same day delivery in many cities
  • data transformation for integrating many different stock management systems of local businesses

Especially for the Covid crisis two features were developed rapidly by our team

  • digital shopping list for contactless emergency supply with basic products (system used by many cities to supply elderly people during the Convid crisis and by the government of Luxembourg: [])
  • solidarity vouchers with automated processing (customers buy vouchers now and redeem them after the crisis bringing in cash liqudity to local businesses now) - e.g. []

How I built it

We are a startup from Germany with a great team and highly professional developers. We did some crowdfunding in 2014 collecting about 200.000 EUR.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Until now we have opened local marketplaces in more than 20 cities in Germany and Austria. We are also providing the local marketplace as SaaS to a big governmental local commerce project in Luxembourg (

Challenges we ran into

We are convinced our platform would also help a lot of communities outside of Germany to fight economic hardships for local businesses because of Covid-19. Therefore we have to implement a better register and boarding process for local businesses and improve translation possibilities.

What's next for atalanda - Local Commerce Platform

We hope we can roll out the platform to other European countries in order to help to fight economic hardships of local businesses.

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