Zoom, and other video apps are great, but they suit only for meetings, not for everyday 8+ hour workday. Slack/discord are cool, but lack the close, synchronous social interaction.



  • Start your workday by logging into audio channel - as if going to work
  • Stay in channel for entire working day - as if being at work.
  • talk to all your team instantly - as if you are in your office room
  • start private audio channel - as if walking to someones desk
  • start meeting by adding preset groups of people - as if daily standup or weekly planning
  • while in meeting, whisper to someone - as if leaning towards your friend and telling a remark or joke privately without leaving the meeting
  • go to a meeting room - this is what zoom does currently
  • record, timestamp and tag conversations, for important decisions and great ideas.
  • get meeting transcript (in writing)
  • search meeting transcript by keywords and goto specific second in audio recording.


If people increasingly prefer remote work, it will significantly reduce driving to and from office - thus decreasing global warming. It will also save ton of time wasted in traffic jams. All in all remote work is better for us and for the world.

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audio, google-web-speech-api, typescript, vue, webrtc

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