We believe in a sustainable future.

The everyday choice we make all have impacts on our planet.

According to the United Nations, “Sustainable Development” means meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

While the general public’s interest in Sustainability is steadily growing, there is still a notable lack of platforms that can pull together the power of businesses, non-governmental organizations and the consumer to effect change.

In a world threatened by increasing environmental disasters, economic failure and social challenges, with few years ahead to change the outcome of our planet and make it a better place for all, we decided to create Aworld.

What it does

AWorld is a social gamified application that creates awareness on the Sustainable Development Goals and encourages people to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle by measuring the impact behind their real-life actions.  

The Platform makes the process fun and interactive by engaging users with weekly activities, daily tips and rewarding them with points or badges leveraging psychological motivators such as competition and recognition among peers.

The Platform further tracks and rewards behaviour inside and outside the App, allowing each user to see the tangible impact of their actions with an Impact Score.  

The goal is to create a community of motivated people who will use the AWorld App on a daily basis to increase awareness on the sustainability issue. This will help users collectively take action in order to deliver and archive the 2030 Agenda making the world a better place to live

How we built it

AWorld team built a SaaS microservices System to teach, reward, connect and engage people about sustainability.

AWorld App is based on the AWorld SaaS System, the tracking and reward program is based on Stellar Blockchain

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We won "Impact Now Prize 2019"

We won "Digital Magics - Magic Wand 2020"

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