When I drive, sometimes I use apps like Waze, Yanosik, Google Maps or Here maps. Thanks to them I am able to plan my trip better. I can avoid traffic jam or any other road incidents. I wonder if we can use same approach to avoid physical contact in virus times.

What it does

Online community submits key information about various venues observed or visited. Online community contains shoppers/clients and venue owners. Key information is related to two aspects: queues and inventory. Queues are indicator how many people are in the venue or waiting in front (we want to avoid crowd). Inventory it is indicator what is missing at the moment (i.e. toilet paper). We want to avoid unnecessary crowd inside looking for things missing at the moment. Venues can vary from regular shops, pharmacies, vets or delivery points.

Users can vote for still valid information or down vote irrelevant one. Users can share latest information about venue, by submitting actual status (i.e. queue reduced or increased). Shop owners can update same with relevant information (i.e. they supplied additional products).

Entire information is stored against location. Users can submit and vote on venues nearby them.

How I built it

Application is early PoC. Backend was used built as regular web application with CRUD operations. It is using relational database. For massive usage better architecture with distributed cache is a must.

UI was mocked up, but PoC was built using Angular JS as Progressive Web Application. Whenever there is a budget it can be enhanced to the native application (iOS and/or Android).

Challenges I ran into

Technical ones: A lot of time spent on build, integration and testing various APIs used.

Privacy ones: Users can be tracked. If there is COVID-19 case in the area, some users might be suspected for spreading the disease. Area for concern.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Re-using existing behavior pattern using in driving apps, to avoid physical contact.

What I learned

Allocate more time for such build activities.

Recording presentation and videos.

Geo-location on PCs do not always work properly (sometimes I saw myself in another city, 300km away).

What's next for Bakegram

Better architecture including solution that can scale.



api, javascript, maps

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