COVID-19 emergency has changed everything. In just a few weeks our habits, our work, social interactions in short - our lives - have been totally turned upside down. The passage of time has taken another form.

We have rediscovered a new social dimension, the BALCONY: the only human connection between the walls of our houses, a moment of interaction and mutual support.

Forced into isolation in quarantine, never united as before by digital, social media began to occupy a different space in our daily lives, as perhaps we would never have imagined.

In this reality, LIVE events on social channels have taken on a different value, now lives on social media have another life, and allow us to be connected together in a single, virtual space, capable of breaking down physical distances and making us feel close, under the same sky.

With the multiplication of LIVE initiatives on the various social channels, it is not easy to be able to follow all your favorite events. Now more than ever we are submerged, and often overwhelmed, by a wave of digital content without being able to mark the time in our days.

What it does

Balcony is a no-profit online platform that allows you to view all the live events planned on all social platforms organized by day, time and divided by category in order to facilitate their search and meet users personal preferences.

How I built it

We built the MVP with the partnership of Decodica [].  our framework is cloud native: it can scale to hundred thousands it leverages the google infrastructure to accomodate load and commit to optimal performance and Google quality security

Challenges I ran into

The first challenge that we needed to overcome was related to the fact that streamers/influencers don't really schedule in advance their LIVE events. In order to create this habit we just started contacting streamers/influencer presenting them the project and asking them to provide us info about their social media LIVE plan.

Second challenge was to ensure the quality of the live events we were submitting to the platform. We decided to not let the streamers application go live without our double check. This process is now done manually by us checking applications twice a day.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud to have a first version of the platform live. Thanks to our developers partners we were able to have our MVP live in 2 days after the first brainstorming of the idea.

What I learned

We learned that nothing happens of you are not committed to it and that done is better than perfect.  We think that Balcony definetely needs time for finetuning but we truly believe that it can be a simple way to entertain people during self-isolation time in a simple manner.  We also understood that the project is scalable and our aim is to replicate it also in other countries.

What's next for Balcony

Next steps for Balcony are:

  • create an admin interface in order to facilitate and automate the submission of new LIVE events into the platform
  • correct bugs
  • legal constitution of the society
  • run a marketing campaign on social media
  • define a press and media plan -scale up. *LET'S GO GLOBAL! *

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