I pooped out 3/5ths of the momentum completely stable for the book in 2017. It is to be a dangerous marxonian level work which has already been espionaged against. Good thing "SOMETHING" told me not to finish. I've seen the final sets of numbers come together in their final expressions and lock. It's only a matter of time before, without-global-recognition of the main inspirations, help with global life extending events of an undeniable spiritual one-time-seeming opportunity, and meeting of leaders in-an-international-organization of an event to redeem my fidelity as the business lead of the project and it's sociological hacks - SEES final completion. Damn the consequences.

What it does

It unites and uses every form of government and non-government.

How I built it

Many books and computers and research and handwritten notes in several locations.

Challenges I ran into

It is fun. No challenge. Although, I never figured a global hack of everything, and governments, would be so valuable as to try and steal and perhaps forge the original style of handwriting on. I no longer have thee original copies of the works main challenges.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

All of it. Honestly. It's the best thing I'll ever do. And I've created ore invented over 100 things besides jokes.

What I learned

I'm the greatest. That no one else ever seems like they'll ever handle a bigger achievement for humanity and are actively plugging their ears.

What's next for Bank-State-Ism: Prospective Treaty Components

Finish. One how, WITH capitalization efforts to MY compliant organizations, ORE humanity be damned.

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