Our Vision

Our vision is to use next-generation technologies to predict the outbreaks for certain areas and individuals. Moreover, providing a customized quarantine in early stages that could prevent the spread in the first place.


How can we achieve this?By simply using 3 crucial data sources for our Data Lake: GPS Coordinates (tracking down the infected patient and the region that could be infectious) Social Media (Network analysis, Conversation analysis to understand in real-time what the infected patient is planning to do) IoT Devices (Smartwatches for measuring in real-time fever) Hospital  Commuting Channels (UBER, Public Transport, etc.) CreditCard Payment (optional - providing more insights)


The main value of this project would be to handle the situation more controlled and to ensure that our society turns back to normal. One positive side effect would be that the economy will get back on top.

As we all know data is the fuel of our society. Le'ts use it and fill-up our Jet !!! It's time to unite. Join our team and be part of a great movement. It's on you to find a solution. If you don't do it, nobody will do it.

Point of Contact for joining our team: Caner Yarar




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