"Bayanihan" comes from the Filipino word bayan, which means town or community. Bayanihan is embodied by a community working selflessly towards one goal— and today that goal is to outsmart and outlast COVID-19 through community-sourced data. Even in physical separation, we know the spirit of bayanihan will live on.


  • Navigation with Google Maps API
  • Live, user-generated data on essential establishments (ATMs, grocery stores, and hospitals)
  • Alerts on roadblocks and crowded areas

Problem and Goal

In order to "flatten the curve" and ultimately suppress the virus, we need to reduce all human contact via social distancing and self-quarantine. But inevitably people will go out to look for essentials such as food, money, and medicine and when they do they expose themselves to the risk of catching the virus. The goal of this app is simply to minimize that risk by reducing the amount of time they have to spend outside searching for the place they need and by averting them from crowded areas.

At the same time, our app recognizes the absence of a readily-available database in our country, which is why we rely on our users to contribute their firsthand experience of the crisis for the benefit of their community.


We used Figma for prototyping, and will use React Native, Android Studio Emulator, and NodeJS for the mobile application.

Challenges, and what we've learned from them

Our product is community-driven data. While we believe in honest and genuine inputs of our users, this approach has significant limitations. Different users may report different things about the same location - the UI makes this transparent by showing which users reported what. Reviews from users who belong to those communities will be given more attention by the app.

We also learned about designing user experience. We learned how to make the interface as simple and as convenient as possible for anyone, even a child.

What's next for Bayanihan

At first we'll work strictly on navigation within Metro Manila, our capital region, and the first region to experience community quarantine. Eventually we intend to scale the app for users around the whole country. This will require us to contact local authorities and NGOs working on the ground, and we're looking forward to doing that.



node.js, react-native

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