Bed Checker

Our Inspiration

In a time where every bed, every hour, will matter, we create the Global tool; Bed Checker.

Our story started in Germany at a Hackathon hosted by the German Government. Here, the bed efficiency and capacity management problem was presented. We quickly realised, after doing some research, this was not just a local German problem, it was a Global one.

What Does Bed Checker Do?

Bed Checker, is a COVID bed capacity dashboard. A high-level capability for any hospital (in the world) to provide data updates of bed utilisation which can be shared across hospitals. Enabling critical capacity decisions to be made with certainty. This is a solution to help now, this week, as this crisis unfolds - not to be used in the long term.

Our product does not require robust IT Health Infrastructure, so can be used in developed, low- and middle-income countries.

Bed Checker provides a very low friction way of capturing bed capacity across multiple sites. Bed Checker is designed to provide a single source of truth with a resolution ranging from single sites to regional views and nationwide.

How Did We Build Bed Checker?

With some of the brightest and skilled people, product designers, engineers and leaders.  Using technologies Elixir, React, GraphQL, R, PostgreSQL, and passion.

Bed Checker has been built with a combination of multiple dashboards. One for ‘Bed/Crisis Managers’. One for ‘Hospitals’. One (as a mobile app), for ‘Bed Management’.

The dashboard is hardware agnostic enabling us to deploy quicker.

Challenges & Accomplishments

Overcoming the challenge of multiple and complex hospital system integration and data quality, how did we get around this? Firstly, we always wanted to build a tool for low- and middle-income countries and not just the developed countries with established IT Health Infrastructure. The low and middle income countries do not have a robust IT Health Infrastructure, therefore, building a tool which was stand alone and not dependent on integration was key.

There is expressed appetite for hospitals to start trialing which we are currently holding off. We were also able to have over 40 health care professionals in Italy, UK, Canada, Hungary, Syria and Spain provide validation and feedback on Bed Checker.

What We’ve Learned

Bed visibility and availability is a real problem. Bed Checker or not, there needs to be a tool which serves the same purpose.

Throughout this process it has ignited a true passion in a collective and we are determined not to stop here. When you find a purpose which everyone gets behind, great things can happen.

What's Next For Bed Checker?

We have flipped the switch and we are not stopping. Our team aims to get Bed Checker validated even further and into the hands of many.

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