All the ideas came up to us when China faced the Coronavirus quarantine. We could feel how frustrating for people to be under lockdown with limited activities to do. Then,  we tried to keep up our head and try to stay focused on our eagerness to succeed. We wanted to help our fellow mates in French-speaking countries to be fluent in speaking English. Also, the feeling of supporting education in Africa pushed us hard to come up with ideas which people will be glad to follow up with. Our courses are set at a meager price to let everybody afford it, and also some part of the benefit will be sent to help those associations in charge of assisting schools and provide the materials for learning and place to study.

What it does

With Bee LingoBridge online classes, you can learn English from fully qualified teachers, who will provide you with a well-rounded education, focusing not just on speaking, but on reading, writing, listening and also using 21st-century teaching. 21st-century teaching means teaching as you have always taught but with today's tools and technology. It means utilizing everything necessary in today's world so that students will be able to live and prosper in today's economy, as well as having the ability to guide students and to prepare them for the future. You can study at home in the comfort of your own home or office. There is no need to dress-up (or get dressed for that matter), travel somewhere, find the money for parking or transit, and arrive at a set time. Our classes can be planned around your trip or a series of activities. Our flexible scheduling will make this happen with your choice. It's that simple. With our teaching service and an interactive whiteboard for your instructor and you to make notes and scribble, you will see that the instant feedback and results are what you were looking for. You will receive 100% individualization with any English pronunciation, vocabulary, and for any conversational purpose. All of this will help maximize your learning potential. It's your place to be!

How we built it

In the beginning, we were three people who shared the same ideas. We realized that most of the people, especially in Africa who want to start new projects are more focused on a different kind of business and education always comes last.  Secondly, the first time we arrived in a foreign country for our study, we struggled with the language because English wasn't our second language. So the point is to prepare all of the fellow mates from all the countries where English is not their mother tongue to be able to speak it fluently from the youngest to the oldest age.  Here are the steps we used to build it. We made a survey questionnaire to different countries to ask people if they would be interested in learning English in a diverse and fun way (students centered), varying from a traditional classroom. Then from the survey result, we got positive feedback, and we required to invest with the best American school books with the best English language teaching, developed by Oxford university press.  We all decided to set up a goal. So our approach aims are to develop education in Africa, and some parts of our profits will be sent to associations to help children who do not have access to education. By learning with us, people are helping our dear brothers and sisters who are in need, so together, we will create schools for those who cannot afford it. After we made our goal, it leads us with this vision: "Together, we can create the future." Then we started to look for partners from different countries who want to be part of our team and share the same objective. After that, we created our first Facebook page and shared free story audios with our followers. And there are more new activities we will promote in the future. Afterward, we all searched for ideas in how we are going to deliver our course using our tools' full potential, and our ultimate accessories. Finally, we came up with two platforms to give our lessons.

Challenges we ran into

It is tough to reach people where technology and network are still costly. We faced a hard time when we promote how we will conduct our project to persuade people to learn in new ways because most people are scared of change. And also, since we are a startup business, we still haven't got an office where we are centered.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are excited about this new project because we are doing these to help people with a lack of education, and sharing knowledge along with motivation is the best way to educate students.

What we learned

It is not easy to accomplish something and never stop trying. Never stop believing. Never give up, no matter how hard the situation is. And also for every bad thing in life, there are more good things to tip the balance.

What's next for Bee Lingobridge

We want to be well known in those countries where English is not their native language and get more students from different people in the world. We want to give our help and reach out to the association, which helps the education field.

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