Beekeepers and Bees.

Beekeeping is very important, and it has been around for about 9000 years, yet the beehives being used today are nearly a 200 year old technology!" We, as BeeSafe, feel the moral obligation to carry on the tradition and utilize modern technologies and resources to help revive beekeeping as a science, art, and culture.


Our mission is to provide beekeepers and the average person with a mobile application to efficiently harvest and safely monitor their beehives. We will accomplish this by analyzing the following factors: the beehive temperature, the noise of the bees, the beehive humidity, and the geolocation of the hive. These data fields will allow us to provide beekeepers with more accurate insight into the health and cycles of their beehives.

BeeSafe will provide beekeepers with health reports which will help them determine how their hives are maturing throughout each season.

How we built it

The IoT hardware itself gets embedded in the beehive, providing us with real-time data reading and collection. The rest of the application is all software based which interacts with the system.

Flutter Application, Flask (PyMongo, MySQL, Blueprint, Postman) , Arduino, ESP32, MySQL, MongoDB Atlas, Twilio, GutHub, Google Cloud Platform:

  • Cloud SQL
  • Firestore
  • Firebase RTDB
  • Cloud Vision API
  • Google Geolocation API
  • Compute Engine

Sensor choice:

  • Humidity: Evaluate the hive’s overall health and well being.
  • Temperature: Evaluate the hive’s overall health and well being.
  • Weight: Evaluate the hive’s health by measuring its weight.
  • Noise Detector: Estimate bee population, Queen’s presence, and mortality. (Queenless roar)
  • Google Geolocation API & GPS: Determine geolocation.
  • Camera-Image Analysis: Spot the Queen, Bad Queen vs. Good Queen, Healthy Hive/Healthy Larvae, Mites and Fungi.

Challenges we ran into

Cloud Vision was difficult to train initially. Integrating IoT with real-time databases. Sensor Data formatting. Twilio response formatting.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Setting up Twilio and working with a robust cloud infrastructure. Integrating Firebase RTDB with a real-time IoT system. Using Google geolocation API to determine location through cell towers and wireless nodes.

What we learned

  • Firebase
  • Google APIs
  • Flutter
  • Twilio
  • Teamwork
  • Time Management
  • Project Management
  • Efficient Planning

Here’s how our solution is essential for sustainability

  1. Our solution is universal and cross-continental, it can be applied and adopted anywhere and anytime.
  2. It has a large social impact, it is feasible and practical, it simply works and produces results with the ability to expand its application to other problems.
  3. Knowledge in beekeeping is gained from experience, and all work done is manual. By factoring in key functionalities, we are automating the process to minimize the learning curve in beekeeping.
  4. Data collection which allows future research to be conducted.
  5. Open source and reproducible, to motivate other developers to build on our work and expand it further.
  6. BeeSafe connects different areas in computer science such as Data Science, IoT, Cloud Computing and Storage, Data Engineering, Realtime Processing, Machine Learning, Mobile Development, Web Development.

What's next for BeeSafe

  • Looking forward to expanding and helping beekeepers worldwide.
  • Different sensors integration for more accurate readings.
  • Foreseeing diseases, diagnosis, and prevention using Machine Learning for example, image analysis on Mites and Fungi.
  • Expanding the application into sub-applications for example, "How to start your own garden".
  • Eliminate the use of pesticides by running data analysis to determine in which area bees are thriving and beekeeping is successful and why.
  • Beekeeper ranking and activity logging where users share their experiences and help each other to overcome common problems.

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arduino, firebase, flask, flutter, googlecloudplatform, googlecloudvision, gps

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