Corona brought a lot of bad things, disrupting our everyday lives and leaving a lot of people feeling helpless. But society is stepping up and showing its true values. Our goal is to further encourage this positive shift in behavior and keep volunteers engaged. We can do this through a Community Support Hub. Designed centrally, managed locally and leveraging existing infrastructure, it connects those in need with those able to help, beyond Covid.

Here’s how it works:

The municipality sends a postal message to all residents. They then can register as a help giver or receiver on a digital platform or by phone, so that people without internet access are not left out. If they like to, help givers can be rewarded with points, giving them discounts at local stores or sports facilities. This can be considered as small “give-back” which further helps the community to grow closer together. A BeKind! campaign will drive awareness, keeping the positive values & helping hands. So that we maintain our value society, embracing tolerance, acceptance and helpfulness.

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