COVID-19 is a new, highly contagious disease that is spreading throughout the world at a fast rate. Many people who are classified as “at-risk” are not able to leave their homes safely to get essential items such as food and toilet paper. Shelter-in-place orders have also isolated many people from gatherings with family and friends.

Our team wants to bring back a sense of community and promote positivity during this difficult time- starting with your neighborhood!

What it does

Through BestNeighbor, a person in need of help can provide a wishlist of items they need from a local store along with their zip-code. Volunteers can then log in and see wishlists available within a selected zip-code. These two users will be able to contact each other and coordinate payment and delivery.

How we built it

In 48-hours, our team brainstormed the project idea, built, integrated and tested the web-app using the following software stack: Backend: PostgreSQL, Flask, SqlAlchemy Frontend: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

Challenges we ran into

Time constraint Learning git branch merging

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our team is made up of recent software engineering academy grads who had never collaborated on a software project of this size before. We learned to split the work and collaborate through git as we went, and did it successfully!

What we learned

Our team learned how to collaborate remotely, allowing us to work more efficiently Git branching was a big part of this project, having to work remotely  The importance of communication  Helping others can inspire creativity

What's next for BestNeighbor

The following features are planned for implementation:

  • Secure messaging within web-app to keep user’s personal phone number and email private
  • Ratings system for volunteers
  • User verification

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ajax, bootstrap, css3, flask, html5, java, jquery, python, sqlalchemy

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