It's hard to make plans with friends for activities that you do online. Like looking for people to game with, I have to message a bunch of people on whatsapp, or see who is playing the game I want on discord, or login into the game and see if somebody is already playing it. Inevitably you end up with a new whatsapp group which is only used for the purpose of that plan. Similarly making plans for video call/houseparty or a youtube/netflix watchparty are also tricky and take up a lot of time.

What it does

An app to make it easy to make plans with friends and family. It covers both online plans ( gaming, video conference, netflix/youtube watch party) and offline private plans ( jamming, house party). It shows you when your friends are free during the week, uses AI to suggest plans based on past history and friend availability and makes it dead simple to create and join plans.

How I built it

The app is built using xamarin so that it is cross platform. The backend is on AWS and coded in C#. I have multiple microservices which are all containerized so that the app is scaleable. For database I am using dynamodb.

Challenges I ran into

Getting dynamodb schema right so that the application can scale well without bottlenecks.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Xamarin works quite well and I was surprised at how well it works across iOS and Android.

What I learned

I learnt Xamarin and AWS Dynamodb

What's next for BL1P

To launch it and get a lot of users.



.net, amazon-dynamodb, amazon-web-services, aspnetcore, c#, xamarin

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