We have 10 years’ experience in coordinating and controlling groups of people. People are booking activities like boat trips, sailing trips or just a sunbed on the beach. Unfortunately, boats having a limited capacity, the capacity is also depending and is changing every day by sea conditions. And many times, couples or families or just normal people like you or us book their private skippered sailing or fishing boat, once a life, for one unforgettable time.

How can this help?

Every moment is special

Did you ever think to rent a whole cinema only for you and your family, or one complete restaurant only for you and the love of your life – being served like never before? Going into one amusement park and enjoy everything so much and many times as you can without standing in a queue? Going into a zoo or in one park and enjoying the silence? Being on the beach and feel free?

Sure, a whole cinema will cost you probably 1000$, but you do it only once and you never will forget. A half day in a central park will cost you probably only one registration - but then you know there are not many people at the same time and you have space - you can go out.

And is the cinema or the park already fully booked, you book the cinema for next week or choose a park, where you have never been before.

Slow down and accelerate

There is something between a full location and a closed location. With a booking system for activities you can slowdown or accelerate the economy and social life. In difficult times or regions is probably only 1 person allowed to enter one hardware store each time, in better times 20 or 50, depending on the size of the store.

A booking system for activities can be used by almost any kind of business.

Considering your next visit in the hardware store as one activity:

1)  infection chain can be traced

2)  no queue

3)  probably a better service and a new shopping experience

4)  less stressed customers and employees

5)  customers and employees feel safe

Nobody will ever book a visit in one hardware store online

10 years ago, when we told a friend and his boss, we will program you one online booking system where people can book your activities online, there told us – nobody will ever book activities online. We did it anyway and 1 hour after publishing the booking system, the first activity was sold online. Today is the online booking system with 70% of all sales the best seller. Nobody did believe that people will buy things online. Amazon did. So, thinking people will not book in crises like COVID-19 the next visit in a hardware store online, is wrong – people will enjoy this probably much more as we think.


The booking system is running outside of the homepage. It means, it does not require any modification inside the homepage or installation and is therefore easy to activate when it is needed, or to deactivate when it is not needed.

Hardware store:

In this sample you see one hardware store with three different locations in Germany. The booking system gives the client a total overview over all available times. There are special time slots for seniors and craftsmen.


In this sample you see one restaurant. The restaurant is offering only one table with different options in time and price. If you book one option, the overlapping options are blocked by the system automatically.

Booking everything as one activity is not what we wish to do, but it is the strongest mechanism to control the epidemic without destroying the economy and the lives of people. Every booking is traceable and some moments will  be very special.

There are many good booking systems on the market. Together we can define one API for the WHO to trace infection chains.

Remarks & Details:

PHONE BOOKING : If a client doesn’t have internet or don’t know how to make one online booking, the client can make a booking easily over the phone. The SEEBOOT booking system includes a point of sale system for this. One employee can manage over the POS easily hundreds of phone bookings for different locations without losing control.

FREE CHOICE : Using the online booking or phone booking is a free choice, depending probably only by the quarantine rules from the governments or by the store. The clients can go also directly to the store, check the availability and risks standing in a queue. Regarding this experience, people prefer to book online (70%) or make a reservation by phone (3%).

QUEUE : There are two different concepts. A) One out one in. B) All in all out. “One out one in” means that each time when a client is leaving a location, a next client can enter the location – this is one possible option but not recommended when more than one client is allowed inside the location at the same time, because the virus can stay and jump inside the location from one client to the next client and again to the next client and the infection chain is not traceable. “All in all out” means that all clients have to leave before the next group of customers enter the location – in this scenario is the infection chain isolated and easily traceable. Out of experience, there will be no queue. Queues are happening when you want to board a plane or a boat and people have to wait until the first people take their seats/places. Long queues in front of a store will not happen.

TRANSLATION AND FIELD ERRORS : Inside the examples above for the hardware store and the restaurant are some translations errors. These errors will be solved when a system goes online.

SEEBOOT : The SEEBOOT booking system is special made for bigger companies with many locations or companies with a high customer frequency. Therefore, the system can also handle for one city or council all parks or public places.

The system is private, this means:  Each system is independent and is running in its own environment. The system is not connected or is sharing the structures or one big database with all others. All information’s inside the system are only accessible by the owner itself. The system is for rent and for sale. After the server setup, the system setup for one hardware store takes about 1 hour. One server can handle one unlimited number of stores/parks. The online booking system runs outside of the company’s homepage and doesn’t need any implementation or setup inside the homepage.

Germany and many other countries have closed large parts of their economy and people are locked in their homes. People are mentally stressed and the economy is at risk. A booking system is not only a solution for the controled exit from the shutdown, but also a preparation for the next wave and turning back ab bit into a normal life.



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