I had seen a man who is struggling to feed his four children, it was near my locality. He has no house, his wife is struggling with mental illness and his children haven't eaten for 2 days. I always imagine if I can write their need on a paper and given to someone so that he will get some help.Most of them are using feature phones and building app for them is not possible. Since in our society their are community kitchens and grocery packets are delivered in a daily basis, but people are not willing to share their daily needs.

What it does

If you or your neighbours need some essential commodity such as cooked food, vegetables, rice or any other groceries, just write it down on a piece of paper with his name and phone number  take a photo with the app. The app will geotagg the photo and share with local volunteers. The volunteers connect with the needy one and send live updates of their path and arrival time as sms. If you are the user you will get live map and time of arrival.

How I am trying to build

I need to develop an application that can do image capture and geotagg, or geotagg image from gallery. A backend to receive the api request. An application for the volunteers to keep track on their orders and send sms alerts to the clients. Use secured frameworks for data protection.

Challenges I ran into

Building a geotagging mobile application and a secured backend  is a hurdle.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Happiness will be the greates accomplishments. If you can feed a person the satisfaction is enough.

What I learned

Helping others is the gratest way for living a happy life

What's next for BreadToHome- Mobile app to help feed people

Connect with whole world!!!



android-studio, django, flask, java, python

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