A fair amount of friends work in the creative space and have lost income. Completely. Equally, friends and colleagues I talk to feel distressed about the social distancing and the loneliness it entails for some.

What it does

Idea is to create a club-line atmosphere in the virtual world.

Main Floor: video and audio stream from the DJ. All other participants can be seen on video but there is no audio for them, just some sort of text chat functionality perhaps

Bar: in a club you would order a drink. Sometimes you interact with people there, so limited "seats" at the bar for random people to potentially interact

Break-out rooms: people can have break-out rooms where they can talk, drink beers, kiss, whatever you do in kind of privacy in a club

Restrooms: (likely ladies, gents, unisex): no video, just audio. Not sure it would be strictly needed for a virtual club, but no club without proper restrooms

Dark Room: no nicknames, just audio, random interactions with people you do not know and cannot judge by looks or whatever

  • All rooms would have the DJ audio stream in the background.
  • One could probably go into private break-out rooms from any other room if both parties agree. One can choose if one wants to give up nicknames, just make it text, audio, audio & video or any sensible combination thereof.

Benefits for Club Owners

  • Club owners should be able to curate the DJs that are playing and potentially charge partygoers a fee for entry into their club, generating some much needed income in these times

Benefits for DJs

  • DJs could be paid to play gigs
  • Potentially one could include some tip functionality so party goers could give them some additional money

Benefits for party goers

  • They can support their favourite Clubs/ DJs
  • They can meet-up with friends just as they would normally do
  • They can meet completely new friends

Benefits beyond Covid-19

  • Clubs could generate additional fees by allowing in party goers from around the world to join in the fun
  • DJs could create their own clubs and would not need to rely on physical clubs to cater to people who would also be happy to party "remotely"
  • Party goers from different cities could unite and have a fun evening. I have friends all around the world and would like to throw house parties that everybody join without having to book flights, organize babysitters or whatever

I have no technical background and limited time over the weekend. But maybe we can somehow make this work. I think it could be great fun and this can be developed into lots of different directions.

I guess what would be needed is some:

  • Streaming technology
  • Some text/audio/video technology
  • Some payments infrastructure
  • User rights management
  • Creative ideas how to make it a fun experience for everybody

Happy to discuss and hear your thoughts/ enthusiasm!

How I built it

I have no working prototype, have so far only thought about workarounds like Zoom Webinars or a combination of Twitch and Discord but nothing makes for a seamless experience. Someone suggested Second Life for it but not sure I would like that.

Challenges I ran into

Workarounds do not feel seamless. And they are not intended to do what I envision. I guess one could rely on some Open Source libraries for streaming like and audio/ video chat like

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

None really

What I learned


What's next for Bridging the Distance - Clubbing in times of Corona

Would need a team of enthusiasts who can help putting something together that could be used as a prototype. Would like to keep it Open Source and free for potential users.




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